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Please download bug fixes regularly by going to System -> Updates, then click Install Update (For your current version). Alternatively, activate Automatic Bug Fixes in System Settings.

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Nulled Version vs Original from Codecanyon

Last updated on Oct 04, 2020 18:25 in Nulled
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The purpose of this article is not to stop anyone from using a nulled version but to provide more information about the product.


Nulled Version

Nulled copies of Hosting Billing are very easy to get online and there isn't much of a difference between a nulled version and the original. A nulled version is basically a slightly modified copy of the original.

If you would like to test Hosting Billing by installing a nulled copy there's nothing wrong with that if you trust the source. You may also submit support requests as a guest if you have questions.


Just like any other system, a few errors are not discovered by the time a new version is released after testing. Once users start using the system these issues are discovered and reported.

Errors can range from minor to critical and it's not easy to discover all possible problems during testing of updates especially if its a very big update with thousands of lines of code.

This is a not a big problem though because Hosting Billing has the ability to download bug fixes automatically, but you need to have a valid purchase code to be able to enjoy this feature.

A nulled version is the original copy with ALL undiscovered issues.


A nulled version does not have any bug fixes installed and when you try to download updates from a nulled version you will experience other problems.
Not only that, your server IP and domain name gets sent to the Hosting Billing server. There is no way around this because bug fixes can only be downloaded from the Hosting Billing server, not from Codecanyon.


The Original

Hosting Billing is a complex system that has lots of integrations and lots of modules that communicate with each other.
Bug fixes and updates are free when you have a valid license. 

No monthly fee, No annual fee. You only pay once.

The best thing about a valid license is the support.

Besides all the technical mambo jumbo It's just good to run a business using a system that get's tested and improved everyday, especially a hosting business.

You really do not want to put your client's data and your reputation at risk.


Reliability is what makes the original version the only version worth going live with.

You now have information that no one else was going to share with you. 





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